Poilce-Guy Date 1

So after about 2 weeks of texting and phone tags, traveling and anticipation… we met up for a spontaneous swing dance lesson as I got back a day early from Baltimore! I almost didn’t call since he was getting back from NC and a 13 hour drive! We met only 11 block from my place and he paid the cover, telling the host to let me in, he’ll be on the dance floor!

He was kinda sparkly and giddy when I arrived! Still cute! Really good looking man! I might have been better watching him dance for a bit before jumping right on in. Lesson learned! “Give some space and observe the surroundings!”

Well, I was greeted with a huge smile, a hug and the “something curled up inside of you and died” breath! WOW! OK, so let’s dance! Swing isn’t too close and can be very fast.. let’s do it! OK.. well not only does he have ZERO rhythm but his feet go not know how to follow each other let alone the actaul steps. This is NOt good for me. we’re in a lesson and the man has to be the LEADER in this type of partnership. We ladies follow by the MAN giving clear signals to us as to what he wants us to do. As the woman, we are here to follow our man and look pretty! It’s showed by hand holds and body position. Now, I thought for sure he can do the basic swaying side to side, even if not mastering the chasse , the back step is crucial. I was a dancer  growing up and dancing and kissing are my 2 favorite things to do in this world! Oh, NO! In a partner dance the two must be paired well and I guess my mind trickles into the resilience  and resistance of fluid movement with him. OH NO!!! He’s so cute and we get along so far.. Oh, there’s that breath again!! Ew! Oh, NO!! He looks  like he’s scared but wants to have fun! That’s good! the willingness to enjoy even the journey. “I guess you can see I don’t have that great of rhythm”, he smiles bouncing and tripping over himself as almost in jest but it’s not! It’s not in jest! He’s hopeless on the dance floor. “Back Step. No matter what else you do if you do the back step, then you can always find your way back and then your partner knows what she’s supposed to do.” I say as I find myself leading and teaching him, almost scolding in a way or at least it could feel that way, I’m sure. The teacher keeps looking at us and screaming the “back-step, back-step” in our direction as to give me a “well, good luck with THAT one” kind of look!

After what seemed like forever.. the lesson was over and I lead us to the bar. After a drink or 2 his breath calmed down a bit but the buzz in him brought many hugs and too close,  sweet talking. It was now time to go and he walked me out, again, me leading the way.  when we arose from the underground piano bar, he held my hand as we glided down the street. Well, not really! It seemed as though his knees were tied together and only his feet moved. I had to take a look as he bobbed up and down, swaying with each clumsy step. OH NO!!! We got to my apt a mere 1 block away and his breath was back. I gave him a hug, he went in for the kiss. I gave him a hug and said goodnight and he tried for a kiss which landed on my cheek with another hug and before it got too weird, I was in. OH NOOOOOOOOOO!!! Why?? It could’ve gone so well but the death breath, the opposition of rhythm and the stumble walking makes three strikes and I’m out! I wish I wasn’t so picky! Or vain!! Whyyyyyyyyyyyy???


Police Guy-3

Surprised him at the train station. Well, he said that there would be roses and trumpets playing when I got off the train but I showed up 4 hours early! He was supposed to be gone… surprise!! I had to track him down and ruin my plan by calling him to find him b/c walking all the way around the entire station didn’t seem to work. He’s CUTE! Got a bit of a belly which surprised me, being NYPD and all. Thought they were supposed to be really fit to catch the bad guys and all! Bad Boys, Bad Boys. whatcha gonna do?..

I was exhausted and only sort of cute from a 2 hour drive, a dash to make an earlier flight, a train and a walk around the station.. all before 11a. Still think I made a great impression! We had a cute chemistry standing outside a Pennsylvania Hotel watching people go by! He does not have good breath! Kinda like a stomach issue where something crawled up inside of him and died! Maybe he needs to eat something? He leaves tomorrow for a few days and my mom gets in today.. so a good ol’ fashioned getting-to-know-you will again have to wait! I can handle it!

Police-Guy 2

Police guy-2

In Virginia we spoke on the phone for about 2 hours! Easy.  He SOUNDS like he’s from NY, I know…but the accent was strong! Seems like a cool guy! He likes to go swing dancing. Says he’s not really that good but he’s taking lessons. That’s a positive note! Willingness to do something different? Check! I could talk to him for hours with a kind of “yes, and” feeling. Laughing comes easy! We seem to have some stuff  in common with relation to  family , life..(except that with his job, he’s not going to be moving to join the force somewhere else, I would think, even for me). Don’t know how motivated he is to go further in life or if he’s content being content where he is.

#8 Police-guy

He’s an NY police officer. NYPD!!  Been through 911. so there’s some stability there.. either that or a real nut job!! Does he have an angry streak? I tried to see him in person while he was guiding traffic for the Gay Pride Parade in the village! On 2nd thought… the village at gya pride? Think I’ll pass. Could’ve been nice to get a glimpse! He’s sent me a pic and he’s got a great smile and beautiful eyes! Let’s see when we actually meet..

He’s from the area, Queens and is living with his parents right now, saving money. I guess he’s done a good job since he is super excited to have just signed the loan docs for his first condo! Finally a great bathtub that he gets to pick out himself! The rewards of ownership!! I get that!

We seem to just “get” each other even in text where the interpretation can be lost on expectation! Our texts go on forever. He awakens me with either “Good morning you insanely good-looking person” or “hot person” or something like that! It’s a nice way to wake up after all. If you had to be called something, right? He likes that I’m positive! I agree with him 😉 He seems that way, too.

Going to Virginia for this job puts a damper on us actually getting a chance to meet. Oh, well, Guess when I get back but then he leaves as well…we’ll figure it out if it’s meant to happen!