Police Guy-3

Surprised him at the train station. Well, he said that there would be roses and trumpets playing when I got off the train but I showed up 4 hours early! He was supposed to be gone… surprise!! I had to track him down and ruin my plan by calling him to find him b/c walking all the way around the entire station didn’t seem to work. He’s CUTE! Got a bit of a belly which surprised me, being NYPD and all. Thought they were supposed to be really fit to catch the bad guys and all! Bad Boys, Bad Boys. whatcha gonna do?..

I was exhausted and only sort of cute from a 2 hour drive, a dash to make an earlier flight, a train and a walk around the station.. all before 11a. Still think I made a great impression! We had a cute chemistry standing outside a Pennsylvania Hotel watching people go by! He does not have good breath! Kinda like a stomach issue where something crawled up inside of him and died! Maybe he needs to eat something? He leaves tomorrow for a few days and my mom gets in today.. so a good ol’ fashioned getting-to-know-you will again have to wait! I can handle it!


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