#8 Police-guy

He’s an NY police officer. NYPD!!  Been through 911. so there’s some stability there.. either that or a real nut job!! Does he have an angry streak? I tried to see him in person while he was guiding traffic for the Gay Pride Parade in the village! On 2nd thought… the village at gya pride? Think I’ll pass. Could’ve been nice to get a glimpse! He’s sent me a pic and he’s got a great smile and beautiful eyes! Let’s see when we actually meet..

He’s from the area, Queens and is living with his parents right now, saving money. I guess he’s done a good job since he is super excited to have just signed the loan docs for his first condo! Finally a great bathtub that he gets to pick out himself! The rewards of ownership!! I get that!

We seem to just “get” each other even in text where the interpretation can be lost on expectation! Our texts go on forever. He awakens me with either “Good morning you insanely good-looking person” or “hot person” or something like that! It’s a nice way to wake up after all. If you had to be called something, right? He likes that I’m positive! I agree with him 😉 He seems that way, too.

Going to Virginia for this job puts a damper on us actually getting a chance to meet. Oh, well, Guess when I get back but then he leaves as well…we’ll figure it out if it’s meant to happen!