hang up or hang out

Not in the mood today to get hung up on! Toes guy has “extenuating circumstances” and was out last night with a friend instead of seeing me. Fine!! Just don’t keep dropping the call b/c you’re in the Vineyard with your “extenuating circumstances” and feel offended when I didn’t know you were coming so I didn’t make plans to see you and when you say you want to meet up with me… THEN make plans with someone else and think it’s OK to treat me like I’m second!! I will not act favorable to this treatment. and you will not be on top of the list of preferences to hang out with when I DO have time. I’m tired of being treated second and I think it’s getting to me today!! Received an email from Shakespeare asking how my new place was treating me, a text from Bra-girl asking about my move and I don’t really care for the last way I was treated by either of them so I’m not as excited to respond. To get hung up on, whether it’s the service or not??? THIS is NOT the DAY~ the anger pours out of me today!! And the hot chocolate and the energy session, gyrontronics class and walk in the cold rain just opened me up for vengeance! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! My bday is next week and I can’t see that I want too many people around me at this point! tomorrow is a new day and everything is possible!! OH- and got another text from Gumba-guy

imagejpeg_3.jpg with the message: Here Chrissi try this. Good for ass itch. I use it all thhe time.


WTF??? Who the F is Chrissi and WHY does he still have my number??

Toes-guy in town

What a surprise to get a call from La Guardia Airport from none other than Toes-guy, today. He’s in town to go to the Vineyard with the guy he stays with.  That’s a weird situation. some older guy pays him to spend time, dinners, parties, trips.. doesn’t touch him or asked to be touched, which would only make the whole thing more strange, but actually pays for companionship from hot men. HOT young men. He confessed to all this last time he was here. I knew something was up… just didn’t seem kosher to me. Anyway.. he’s here for a day or so before he gets swooped up to Martha’s Vineyard. I just didn’t have the time today. He’s super sweet and offered a night time meet but dinner with his “employer” takes precedence, I get it.. If you have no other income.. why not? Just not MY cuppa tea.

Though it was nice to hear his high pitched voice.. we did not extend the effort to make the time. Maybe when he comes back through.. maybe not?

not in the mood-guy

After sitting at Lincoln center witnessing an artistic dance in the reflection pool, I was joined by a man that I really wasn’t in the mood for. He was not my physical type in the slightest nor was I interested in being charming.

I was taken to NJ with Bra-girl to a””pool party” at her cousins and a possible slumber party at her mom’s… THIS is MY fault for believing this was going to be a FUN Stress Free place to put myself. IT WAS horrible!! She was a MESS. Her cousin and husband are a MESS and the ones having the party were too young for me though fascinating to witness. Bra-girl was the most negative, disconnected, hypochondriac, stress case EVER!! Crying because her ex drove us to get her car and even though hes moving out tomorrow, she’s upset that he talks to friends that are girls and THAT was how the day began! Them being lat. Them being together. And her a complaining HOT MESS!! I’m DONE! Can’t keep her in my life like this.. it’s not healthy for me in the slightest.

So I took a bus back to the city and she un-caringly dropped me off complaining of who-the-fuck-cares anymore??!! It all the same!!!  Made a decision to go out instead of staying in.. and Lincoln Center seemed the correct venue for me. Off I went.

I was not welcomed by a lady that I was trying to pass by to sit below the people in chairs in the front row. “What’s your problem? where do you think you’re going to go? I can’t believe she’s just going to move in front of us”… were said out loud to me and the others she was peering through to get a glimpse of the production. I excused myself and sat down behind a second anal this time, young chick, who was easily distractable.. every sound or rustle pushed her farther over the edge. I slowly took out my empanada to the drum beat that was very well timed.. daggers; I put the bag on the ground…sighs and head turns. I looked next to me and who did I see glaring? the 1st lady that decided that my maneuvering wasn’t such a horrible idea and decided to play follow the leader. a few moment later a gentleman removed himself and the 1st lady grabbed his seat giving me a nasty nod. Who took her place but a woman that so rudely had her cell phone ring on SUPER loud, which flew the 2nd girl over the edge and when the phone girl answered it? I thought the other one was going to hit her. It made me giggle a bit inside as it was and OUTDOOR performance equipped with sirens and car horns, children screams and wind. I thought daggers might actaully fly out of  the 2nd chick’s skin. It’s the little wins that bring me pleasure.

So after all that madness.. I was approached by a guy that I wasn’t paying attention but definitely fancied me. The questions just kept coming and my short retort was almost rude feeling at times. I didn’t make much eye contact and kept referencing Shakespeare guy and my short stay in the city..etc… of course he was walking in the same direction so of course he walked me home. I couldn’t have said goodbye quicker and he was on his way… not in the mood!!