Toes-guy in town

What a surprise to get a call from La Guardia Airport from none other than Toes-guy, today. He’s in town to go to the Vineyard with the guy he stays with.  That’s a weird situation. some older guy pays him to spend time, dinners, parties, trips.. doesn’t touch him or asked to be touched, which would only make the whole thing more strange, but actually pays for companionship from hot men. HOT young men. He confessed to all this last time he was here. I knew something was up… just didn’t seem kosher to me. Anyway.. he’s here for a day or so before he gets swooped up to Martha’s Vineyard. I just didn’t have the time today. He’s super sweet and offered a night time meet but dinner with his “employer” takes precedence, I get it.. If you have no other income.. why not? Just not MY cuppa tea.

Though it was nice to hear his high pitched voice.. we did not extend the effort to make the time. Maybe when he comes back through.. maybe not?


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