hang up or hang out

Not in the mood today to get hung up on! Toes guy has “extenuating circumstances” and was out last night with a friend instead of seeing me. Fine!! Just don’t keep dropping the call b/c you’re in the Vineyard with your “extenuating circumstances” and feel offended when I didn’t know you were coming so I didn’t make plans to see you and when you say you want to meet up with me… THEN make plans with someone else and think it’s OK to treat me like I’m second!! I will not act favorable to this treatment. and you will not be on top of the list of preferences to hang out with when I DO have time. I’m tired of being treated second and I think it’s getting to me today!! Received an email from Shakespeare asking how my new place was treating me, a text from Bra-girl asking about my move and I don’t really care for the last way I was treated by either of them so I’m not as excited to respond. To get hung up on, whether it’s the service or not??? THIS is NOT the DAY~ the anger pours out of me today!! And the hot chocolate and the energy session, gyrontronics class and walk in the cold rain just opened me up for vengeance! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! My bday is next week and I can’t see that I want too many people around me at this point! tomorrow is a new day and everything is possible!! OH- and got another text from Gumba-guy

imagejpeg_3.jpg with the message: Here Chrissi try this. Good for ass itch. I use it all thhe time.


WTF??? Who the F is Chrissi and WHY does he still have my number??


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