Old School Dimples-guy

That was actually really nice. I’ve a smile in my cheek and his scent still circling my taste buds.

19 years ago I date a guy 9 years my elder. What was he thinking praying on young innocent, naive barely legals? The nerve!! He had the blue-est pools, a thick dark mane and dimples that touched each other on the palate. I was a smitten mess…if you enjoy tall, dark and handsomely sexy. We shared a passion for the arts and each other until the bubble burst when he slept with a “friend of mine” I can’t remember if we were still dating or he had ended it first but fucking a girl I hung out with… was not cool!! So… I slept with his bestie.. even-steven, so there.

We’ve run into each other at appointments or grocery stores in the neighborhood in the last 7 years but nothing ever came of it. Until today? Apparetly the “timing wasn’t right” was his excuse when he challenged me with the “what are you thinking” game. I said that we’d run into each other throughout the years so… why now? We recalled a moment at the grocery store and another when he was asking me out but I wasn’t responsive to it? “Oh, when you were texting me asking to watch a game and I said that I’d rather talk on the phone to which you said, ‘I’m not asking you out!” That time? I guess there was some miscommunication so I erased the number and that was that. He said he had wanted to ask me after an event  we both attended but there wasn’t any sign of interest. So I guess the timing wasn’t right.

So tonight after he followed though with the phone calls, texts and emails; after driving halfway further than he needed to pick me up for dinner,  we sat face to face. I’m not sure we ever dined 19 years ago.. ever! Tonight he opened my doors, served my spinach, put his arm around me and listened to my yarns spin. He’s as attractive as all get out and still gets my blood boiling.

I asked him in to check out my crash pad where I’m staying for the next few days before heading back to NYC. He had asked to walk me in.  Almost calm he stood near the bedpost of the studio apartment before slightly shyly sitting, not facing me on the couch. I was leaned in and he was facing out. Cute! He gave himself a tour or the space then  got stood up to leave and drew me in close. BAM!

Our bodies pressed together in a familiar unfamiliarity. Our lips met. Our eyes locked then closed. I thought this was going to be the goodnight kiss and he’d be out of here in a flash. Nope, not the case! He pushed me down on to the bed within arms reach and laid upon me body. We moved into a rhythm that was easy to get to coming up for air and the occasional words. “I wasn’t sure if we’d still have chemistry” he said. In a flip my bra was undone and hands found there way across my warm skin. “Is this really happening?” I thought at one point. “Why is he here? What does he want?” were fleeting thoughts. I felt more power than the last go-around so many years ago. We remember things about each other and our pasts together as well as apart but have lived a lifetime a gape. Does this hold a future? Why the connection when I’m leaving town this weekend?

He left his smell on my skin while the clothing remained intact.




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