afternoon reflections on Car-guy

It’s all my own shit! Baggage of sorts. Gut feeling. Games!! Next, Next. Next!The thoughts flood in or better, I choose to let them infiltrate my being. Taking over. Like a weird switch.. went from “morning gorgeous”, “penny for your thoughts”, “good morning you hot, witty bike woman” to missed and delayed responses.

NOW you would think that we had established some sort of pattern or relationship by the way my head spins.. but NOOOOOOOO.. I only met him last week and we’ve only spent a few hours together AND that was a bit odd in the end.

Not my first time at the rodeo. I’ve dealt with the ones who come on strong initially then fizzle out at the same speedy rate. Not MY deal. NOT my issue. But I have to question my own behavior in all this. My motivation, beliefs, comforts and oppositions. What’s my part and why do I feel so rejected when they back away? Even for a moment? Something’s screwy!


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