car-guy throbs

so… now it’s a couple hours later and I get this text “U have me throbbing FYI”. “Is this referring back to the window display?” I reply. “referring to me being really really hard for u @ this moment”, he responds. “You were kinda abrupt on yr exit and after yr nap. Thought you spooked. Please don’t send me pics of yr throbbing”, I continue. “I would never send a pic like that.” Why such an abrupt exit?” I ask. “Just a time crunch 😦 I’m sorry.” he says. “Weird change of events from.. All free all day to swim or nap to.. can’t barely speak to u… gotta go. Just saying,” I say.  Then the phone rings. “You can’t talk to me?” thought I spooked you.” “You don’t spook me. You don’t deserve that. I was in a rush, I’m sorry.” It was a switch and really abrupt, kinda icky”. You don’t deserve icky, I’m sorry.” OK. Thanks. Did you get everything done?” “Almost just downloading something now can I call you back?” “Sure…” and gone! Well, I guess I get a quick chance to see the “business side of him?


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