change of plans.. Shakespeare switch to lunch from dinner

“When do I get to see you again?” he asked. He was free the days I was not and vice-versa so we settled on a tentative dinner after an Improv show I wanted to attend, following a class I was going to take with Tom Soter. It was HOT!! Soooooooooooo hot, steamy, stagnant and sticky! We touched base a couple of times and he was a go for the show but through the texts and apparently my poor sales pitch.. he decided another day was better than squeezing in time later than one would want dinner. 930p meet up since I hadn’t had time to get home and change from the thickness of the day.

I actually was a bit bummed that he chose not to come to the show but to stay home and cook dinner. He later told me that he would’ve invited me over but didn’t want to be too presumptuous and I thanked him for that. Still would’ve preferred to be seen than heard. We spoke on the phone while he finished preparations of seafood and accouterments and I walked the streets of the UWS to find some grub.

We agreed on lunch for the next day if appointments made it possible and they did.

I was looking forward to seeing him and didn’t want him to feel I wasn’t interested but had already made plans for the nights he suggested. Sushi. On my block. At the very place I went with Toes-guy a week before, Kodoma. We chatted about the show he missed and the one I will be doing next week since I was asked by the teacher to join it and as flattered as that makes me, it scares the shit out of me, too. I feel supported by him and that he has a genuine interest in who I am. Refreshing! He looks great every time I’ve seem him. Glad there was a tiny mouth peck at the end of this one. 3 down… smiling so far!


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