too much vodka- Shakespeare guy

We were to go to Rain, a Beatles tribute which was closing this week and I had purchased discount tickets on Play-by-Play. $4 Broadway tickets, baby!! After the divine martini joint, HK’s, it was time.

Must meet the ticket guy outside on a corner of Shubert Alley 30-60 minutes before. Well, THAT didn’t happen! We were late! the martinis were tasty and the minimal. I was doing my best to work off the hang-over from the night before with Bra-girl. THAT’s always an interesting time. She’s a HOT MESS!!! but kinda fun.. I digress..

At a hurried pace just moments before curtain, we rush from the “alley” to the theater to the alley again darting around asking anyone for the “ticket-guy’s” whereabouts. A futile attempt, we decided to go for more drinks instead… well, I followed along a tad sulky from missing the show.

A Russian Vodka bar was our destination a few blocks away just across a “lesser” establishment. We found 2 seats at the half crowded rounded bar. Pink infused vodka came in a heart shaped glass carafe, Strawberry, I believe… and we were off! still not much food, I remind you. A second bottle is selected of a ginger-peach mixture, which was less sweet but by this time… not too many cares.

He’s more affectionate. Kissing from our stools. Meeting and sharing more shots of a yellower, sweeter variety with a few guys next to us. My stomach’s feeling the sugar, still in the less than drunk but on my way, frame of mind… we head out. NOW, I remember walking out of the bar, him leading my hand.. AND I remember him opening the taxi door as we got inside.. a few kisses and I was at my building. He drove off and I was let in by the nightwatchman with few words I was spinning up the stairs. IT HIT ME! Holy Crap…I’m drunk and soooo happy that I am home by myself holding my own hair as my glasses were placed on the back of the toilet seat, shoes kicked off and purse thrown to the side.. Just in time! I don’t think I could’ve lasted 5 more minutes and thank goddness i made the bowl!

Apparently, there was an entire part I have blocked out… The time and conversation from the bar to the taxi. Gone! I am told it was our most candid yet with him agreeing not to take me to his place and me fighting with myself to either walk or ride the 8 blocks back to my place. He WAS a gentleman, he tells me and I DO believe that. I just wish I remembered what was said in those lost moments.

We have agreed that Monday will be a more sober time. Now that was 4 dates and  a first kiss.. well, maybe more than 1 kiss. I’m enjoying him so far! Let’s see how it goes…


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