#7 Prickly Gumba-guy

That’s the best way to explain him yet I don’t know if he’s Italian.A Gumba! I actaully gave him my number as he lives in Long Island and had agreed to come to the city to meet. We spoke a few times and I was impressed by the follow through (for the most part)..when he said he’d call, he did. Kudos for that. His voice was gruff and his humor almost obsolete. Like in a constant distraction of sorts? He told me of  his days in LA where he was to work at one of the most famous Talent Agencies but decided to come home after a pill addiction he had acquired.

When he arrived in his thin white t-shirt and bright blue jeans, hair newly cut just a few hours before… his palk-marked face and thinning doo was less than desirable. You know when you meet someone from the internet.. the pictures are not always a great representation of who they are. We walked to get a burger close by, which he gave me cash for as I had taken out my credit card since I didn’t seem him reaching quick enough. Thought I’d pay for my own. No need for him to feel led on by buying me lunch and it was the least I could since he had come all this way from the Island. We sat as long as the food was on the table and he was ready to head out. Not sure what he had in mind but sitting in one place was definitely not it. He wanted to visit a music store or walk through a “cool shop” since he was in the city and not for work. Turns out he’s like a talent manager for Lawyers… cool way of explaining it, I thought.

I was squeezing him in-between appointments tough would have definitely asked him to come along if there was interest on my part. We even spoke of that while he was on the train. After a few minutes of aimless walking he asked to go to a park and fortunately for my all-day walking agenda I knew of a close one. We sat there feeling the wind pick up as the rain was threatening for hours. About 15 minutes after we sat he was ready to move again. “Coffee”, he said. “Think I need some coffee, it was a long day yesterday.” And coffee it was a block away. I thought chivalry was ensuing but instead it was a bad ear that placed him curb-side as we walked. He took his sunglasses of so we could see each other and his eyes were sweet, almost innocent then I accidently brushed against the prickles of his newly shaved arms and noticed again, his red dotted neck and chest from the super sexy shaved look and the thought of gagging was apparent. I had about 30 minutes to walk 1 block so we headed in that direction. (I count Avenues as 3 minutes and Streets as 1 minute walking time) so we bid our good-byes after he suggested he could wait for me to finish..got out of that one as the day before the appointment took 2 hours and I had yet one more to get to. I suggested he go to the village to find the music stores he so desperately was looking for and with a strange one-armed hug and a missed cheek kiss. I was off.

About an hour passed and I received a text “Hi! How did the audition go? and about 10 minutes later.. “hi! How were the auditions?

2 hours later when I received them as I was walking from one to the other and didn’t check my phone, I responded “They were great, thanks. Hope you found the music store.”

His response about 30 minutes after, “I’m back home. Having dinner with a friend”… less than 5 minutes, “whatcha  up to?”

Now I was walking with a beautiful man at this point, the one from yesterday that had met me after my last audition and we were on a ferry by this time so my mind was not with the gumba-guy AT ALL. I responded when I saw it about an hour later.. “dinner w. great cousin”, which yes, was a lie but I was supposed to have dinner with her and she called to cancel so my day was free to roam.

“Ah. the lady that called? was a few minutes later followed by.. “hello?” at about 7p

At 852am I received, “Good morning! Ignoring me? which I was not around my phone for as I was still in bed thinking of my wonderful evening with Toes-guy.

At 1010a another from Gumba, “I think I;m going to go with someone else. I thought you had a cute face but you seem to drifty and non commital for me. I am looking for some one dedicated and set. I don’t even think you would act like a true friend. good Luck.”

I which my response (30 minutes later) was.. “sure. Thanks and good luck to you.”

“See what I mean. You’re flakey. Bye.” was the last message from him… I thought… but 2.5 hours later… “By the way. Just a little advice coming from someone in talent. Don’t go to auditions in skirts like yesterday if you want to work. You’re not trying out for a 16 year olds part. Put on some tight jeans and look profound.”

My skirt, btw was a knee length, black , cotton skirt. The same one I got a callback in from the audition I went on in the AM. So he basically met me, dated, me, had a relationship with me and then broke up with me, critiqued me and gave me advice all in one day. It took a bit of effort to not respond “you’re a prickly, palk-marked ex-drug addict, gumba that I have no interest in. I’m not a flake and have a very nice career, thank you very much”.. but what’s the point? I already have 1 stalker-ex that I DID actaully date over a year ago.. I don’t need one on this coast that I barely even met.

EW!! Creepy!! NEXT!!


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