toe guy, too

I awoke this morning with a small void as he is now in Miami. We spent most of yesterday walking around the city after my appointments and a brief  “meet” with Long Island-guy. I talked him into, with little persuasion, to find me at the juice place in Union Square. He had been clothes shopping and looked amazing in kick around clothes as the day before had left me wondering if he was a stylishly challenged?Though we were both in work out gear. BUT… SO HOT!!! Holy Crap!! So Union square it was and a kiss “hello” kickstarted our mood for the day. So comfortable with him that it’s uneasy at moments. Sometimes I look at him and think.. “holy crap, you’re so young” and others… just feeling the strange, intense connection. He’s searching for something… balance, closure, stability, peace, calm… the ability to “let go”. We take a peek in a few clothing stores on our way down to the Wall Street Pier. He’s humoring my desire to ride the free ferry to Brooklyn again today. He wants to chill at my place, get out of his constricting shoes. He takes his shirt off as we walk down Broadway and if he wasn’t a model formally for Abercrombie and Fitch, I might have minded. did I mention he was HOT? Phew~! some strange looks were given and even a comment from a man “It’s a perfectly good shirt, why’d he have to take it off?” as he walked by us. I smiled. It was a very sticky day. Clouds threatening to open up and pour upon us. Our energies didn’t match today and were the opposite of the day before. I was bubbly and energetic, he was contemplative and stoic. We stopped in Dumbo for some of the best ice cream ever!! Wicked (anchiote chili, mexican-chocolate) and Salt and Pepper (sea salt, dark chocolate chips and black pepper). He indulged my craving and we were back on the boat. I wanted to see Williamsburg and he still desired the calm comforts of my apartment, which I was leery of as I wasn’t ready to change my energy nor bring someone back my home.


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