Date 2: Straps-guy

My armpit is as tender as my left nipple! Again… late by a few minutes. I’ll get the timing for sure! I would just rather walk than jump under the city to the heated tunnel, waiting around for something to move me! It’s Summer in NYC and the weather is so much cooler than yesterday! The mugginess has gone and the sun is still shining.

“Hi – just wanted to say, I’d be totally hitting on you if you lived in NYC. Good luck with your online trolling.. ;)” was his opening line… so, second in line, he was..

After a couple of drinks, being pelted with wind on the rooftop of the Pennisula Hotel and a back splatter of red-wine, compliments of the 4 drunk Itlaian guys next to us and mother nature’s humor… After planting one, eye open kiss on me.. we stumbled into the elevator headed down to the bustling street.  Date 2 was a good looking guy, can’t remember his profile pic but I guess enough as it didn’t take long to recongize each other. Didn’t show the intense dry patches of skin covering his redened, flaky face. Guess the 2 Mojitos from the the bartendar that “looked like he was in a fight”, lavished helped me not see that anymore 🙂 I remember thinking “wow, he doesn’t listen to me at all. I could say anything right now and he wouldn’t even know it. Glad he’s telling me about his city living.” But somehow.. we were next in a cab headed for a cross town bar to meet some of his friends. There was a long line which I talked our way into passing to fight our way to 1 more beer. I was sent out or maybe volunteered to snatch up a 4th friend waiting in the fierce line outside. within moments we were back and I was being whipped around, taken through the crowd, throwing goodbyes and back in a cab. “Now where? Was the game over?” I might have said out loud. He had been talking about his white walls and interior design flaws being a single man has brought about. Out of the cab, into the white walls of his NYC condo. Ikea-kind furniture and picture-less walls brought a kissing frenzy. Thrown down on the bed, wine soiled sweater off and the tumbling continued. Nipple biting to almost bloodshed, the pants were yanked off. Placing his less than average size cock in my mouth.. Intoxicated by the intent, my body wanting… he asked.. “are you in for all this?” “What? all what?” I slithered. Yanked up and tossed over, one wrist being held by straps fastened to the bed. Lightly holding my neck, my eyes widened as the 2nd wrist was tightened. His mouth cupping my clit, licking my inner thigh, biting at my left nipple as to take it into the next room. “You can tie 3 limbs but not 4, please don’t kill me and wear a condom.” I said with almost delight. There was little fear only erotic pleasure as the mojitos worked there way through. My tugging as he placed a sheet over my head gave way to the almost bruising felt the morning after. My heart raced as my performance greatened. His inadequate size was not enough for me to feel pulverized by. His hootspah was intoxicating; confidence lubricating. I stayed the night after he untied my body; waking to his pale, pot-bellied body pressed into mine stroking the small of my back. He was sweet enough to pay for my morning after pill since when asked… “I usually wear one, not sure what happened,” was pleasantly thrown out there. “but you have nothing to worry about if that’s an issue,” he assured me. So a stroll to the pharmacy in an early morning, blurred eye walk cross town, wearing the wine stained innocent pale pink sweater, thinking… 6 months of testing and no more than 1 drink on a date!! He doesn’t have my number… NEXT!!!


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