DJ guy won’t speak to me


Hey –
I want to call but respecting your process is important to me. Maybe, I’m alone here but I miss you and there’s a lot that still seems unfinished and icky, for lack of a better word.  The last time we saw each other was horribly heavy, filled with intense emotion, numbness and snot! So, before we randomly run into each other at some audition or $99 hotel (after midnight, of course) do you think we could sit in front of each other? or go for a walk? has enough time passed?  It’s better to be honest and ask for what we want in life, right? (especially when it scares the shit out of me)…So I’m asking….

Congrats on the new album and Dj’ing gig (damn facebook).. you’ve been busy!  🙂

323 xxx-xxxx jic
come on… it can’t be worse than the last time we saw each other? 😉


NOTHING!! Well…I sure am sad.. but now I REALLY know? didn’t I know before? Kinda feel like Kid-guy here.. just one more try.. boo hoo.. SHIT!! I HEAR YOU!!!! Stop mirroring behaviors that do not work!! I GET IT!! FINE!!!!!!!!!!! Enough!!


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