NYC Lawyer reaching out..


“Okay, so I wake up this morning and reach over for my iPod Touch which has “new message” flashing. I click on the link you sent me and I watch one of the sweetest, most joy-filled videos I’ve ever seen. You guys looked so happy and that song was so wonderful. You’ve started off my day in the greatest way possible….

I’ve saved the link and will listen to it whenever I wonder why the hell I became a lawyer…
And now, a private message for C…sorry Rl, I’m sending it in a different email, but knew it would drive you crazy if she got a message that you didn’t…”

“So, the message that was just for you is that you were positively glowing in that video. I mean that there was something vibrant/radiant about you, inside and out — so, I concluded that you are once again in love.  Which kind of (in a moment of putting it out there) made me feel that I’m sorry I met you when I did, instead of not now. I knew there was something about you when we met, that you might be something special.  But here we are, in a new form and format. And I’m fine with that.  But if you ever change your mind…you should know that there’s some actor/lawyer/cupcake whore in NYC who thinks you’re both beautiful and joyful and who remains interested….

I’m now going to hit send before I change my mind.”


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