Computer-guy thai night

I sit here on the bed in my mom’s home waiting patiently for a thai dinner brought to me by a man I met about a week ago. CRAZY!!

Yesterday we spent the most wonderful day exploring the Ellwood Butterfly Preserve in Goleta as my offered suggestion in the continuation of the lifecycle of the Monarch butterflies and our budding “relationship”. There was absolutely no taboo subject. We spoke of other people we are struggling with, dating, had dated, loved and we were never in search of the next word spoken. Our silence was golden as we sat on a log mystified by the fluttering movement in the Gum trees ahead. The flow in which the flying insects circled in the thermals searching for the partner to take respite in shielding from the cold was invigoratingly calm if that even makes sense. We strolled through the pathways until our tongues met for the first time on the edge of the end of the earth.

Angry neighbor had done a number on me as I was reaching my door to embark on my adventure up north, screaming at me about again, about how horrible I am and how non-apprecative and disgusting I am that I didn’t acknowledge or thank him profusely for bringing flowers home from a job that I could plant in the front yard. I’m really a shit!! AND THAT’s WHY I’m SINGLE!! Whatever, angry man!! That was a wonderful way to begin my SB adventure! An hour later than I had anticipated, dropping my car in front of my dad’s since it was the most middle of where we came from and were going! Computer-guy had his own “issues” with a recent “angry-crazy” so we spent the first hour or so regaling the lovely tales of our past mistakes.

He’s really handsome! His eyes sparkle something beautiful! His teeth are a bit fucked up but that’s his own self conscience limitation. Imperfections are endearing to a point and he’s cute! He’s wearing cargo pants, a red thermal under a ‘t’ and his Venice Beach silver glasses.

There was no subject too great for us! And the story begins!

I better hit the bath to pretty up for my thai dinner! So weird that I didn’t even really have to think about it too much… just WOW… I’m going to bring someone to my mother’s filth? Her space of cluttered pain? Well, at least it’s not my home… yet! Though I did lose my virginity in the next room… CRAZY!!


Computer-light guy

Cherish – a : to hold dear : feel or show affection for b : to keep or cultivate with care and affection : nurture
2: to entertain or harbor in the mind deeply and resolutely

A word that changed his life after looking it up when he realized he had heard it too many times at friends’ weddings and found it usually went unnoticed.

Burning man is in his being, setting up camps, planning, co-existing in a creative world that was once and will never be the same again.

His dad was not fit after the Vietnam war left him with PTSD and with a fairly absent mother, he was left to fend for himself as were his 2 younger sisters.

He works for Apple, programming, while his left brain exudes creativity through photography. Moonlighting with a couple of DJ’s, he has figured out a way to program certain lights to sync to the beats they throw down from the comforts of his Ipad. A quest for knowledge of the intricacies of technology adds to his thirst for beauty.

We met at the parking lot entrance of Venice Beach. “the pier or the nature reserve?” I believe were my choices. I spun around in circles until I pointed to the left. His eyes were light blue, a thick head of locks beginning to grey atop his tall frame relieved me as my curiosity grew. Coffee was a must after my class and to begin this “meet and greet” of sorts and a stroll along the pier. We sat on a bench watching the birds flock to the newly caught fish tossed for their belly-filling pleasure. He’s sweet, calm, interested.

There were a few lulls in the conversation but that’s to be expected when only in the proximity of mere moments, though the flow was constant as we veered left, right, over and under a barrage of topics. Nothing was taboo, not even suckling the milk from a woman at a pretend “milking station” at a state fair.. like I said.. nothing was off limits.

It was easy, maybe because I wasn’t feeling 100% so the pressure to preform was released or just the confidence I had in myself in those moments? Whatever the case, I felt content just being me, without apologizing for it.

Our cups emptied and our stroll continued through the canals, passing by the few remaining caterpillars in the reserve. Still free-flowing our endless stream of consciousness.

With our winding footsteps finding our way to Abbott Kinney and our bladders filling, we stopped to gorge on veggies and empty our space at Lemonade. 3 hours passed and still we were engaged. Not a bad way to meet a new…

I took him back to his house in Santa Monica as he had walked from a Marina Burning Man meeting and was left without. He had to light up the stage that evening at a rave, I guess, later on, which I was invited to but with the sickness entering my nasal passages, I took a rain check.

I’ll see him again 🙂