#10 Shakespeare-Guy

I misjudged the time and was of course.. 25 minutes late, huffing and puffing through the heat of Central Park. He’s dressed from work, reading outside and calm as could’ve hope for. He razzes me for walking not riding the subway and not giving out my number which is still a “rule” I have for the most part.

He brought me a glass of white wine while we sat under a tree outside of Central Park’s Boathouse and the rain fell from the heavens! Like buckets were being poured on a spill to wash away evidence. It was BEAUTIFUL and unexpected. The thunder shook the windows as we all scurried to take cover  in the now exceptionally crowded bar waiting for the calm to reappear.

The clouds parted and we walked through the Rambles, which memories of brought shivers to the nape of my neck and a knowing smile to my cheek. He’s come from work ; blue dress shirt and slacks seem natural on him. We ordered another glass of wine to complement the brie I stopped for extending my tardiness and into the Delacorte theater we went. He got tickets from his work . Which means he has a bit of clout.. or no one else wants to see the show. A nice touch nonetheless.

Introducing me to some business associates as we took our seats in the front row of the middle, second section, I felt like a grown up in a world where I belonged. I snapped a picture for which I was reprimanded at intermission being asked to erase it and show her the evidence. “It’s of the moon” I explained and with a twinkle, was pardoned. I wasn’t really lying.. the moon WAS in the photo. Tee Hee!!

We enjoyed each other’s playful banter and walked slowly back to the West-side where we’d go our separate ways. And no tongue in my mouth, which is a wonderful way to end a magical evening… just a nice hug. Lovely!



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