Date #5 Rambles-guy

The walk began at 72nd St and CPW on a cool-ish evening as he was to bring his dog, Luigi along but he was now back at joint custody, mom’s house? They are apart but still share the dog.. ok.. so no Luigi.  Strolling through the Rambles he told me the history of the gay-sex haven. He was a reddish dark blond man of uneven proportions. Legs shorter than body and larger head for his size? Good looking nonetheless. Our banter was quick and our humor matched. We sat on a bench and he told me of the time his father caught him masturbating when he had come from college one break. It was his “most private thing he was willing to admit” as stated from the okc website. Well, hi nice to meetcha! After a few more bench stories, the breeze was setting in and we were heading off. As we reached the stairs he stopped, grabbed my head and planted one right on me. It wasn’t really requested and came as a bit of a shock to me. I recovered quickly and we continued on up the stairs. I didn’t really have anything to say about it so we pretended as if it didn’t happen? He had made dinner plans but wanted to show me his building’s window from where he put his bed through the glass and newly purchased custom blinds.  I kinda think he wanted me to walk him home. I don’t really remember what he does but I know that with one more kiss, him telling me, “you have my number, we should do this again. I had a good time.” So off I went to find some grub and maybe a new adventure. Thanks, Rambling man.


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