“Naturally, I have been thinking about our conversation since it ended.  There are, of course, no magic words to create a spark if one does not exist.  But so that I can rest a little easier, I wanted  to get this off my chest:  saying that I have to keep all of your “instructions” straight in my head was a joke.  I did not feel like you were trying to change me, and you shouldn’t either.  I like being cajoled into trying new things, including cheese (as long as it’s not too mushy).

Being confident in a relationship comes with time.  Some get there sooner than others.  If you lived my life, you would be more cautious too.  But I was getting there.  I had some issues early on because I would have to call you twice before you returned a call.  That stuff drives me NUTS (again due to my past), but I didn’t want to say anything because I did not want to come off too needy.  It did, however, cause me to doubt.  Frankly, that doubt was evaporating when you called.

Asking instead of doing is a subset (or symptom) of confidence.  The only reason why I asked in the bedroom was because you said that you didn’t want to have sex, and some people (though certainly not Bill Clinton) have an expansive definition of that.

I wish we could have hung out through May.  We’d still have to take a break.

Thank you for reading this.  You’re worth (at the very least) this small effort.  No need to respond.

I loved your smile.

All the best,”

I just didn’t have anything left to respond with.. what would be the point? to continue the dialog would be futile as I was no longer interested.. It wasn’t fair to lead him to believe otherwise.


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