Lawyer-kid guy makes nice




I was pretty sure from the moment I met you that you were the one. At our meeting – remember? Its crazy to me that we are here but here we are. I accept it though.

I did want to say  that I am sorry for a few things. Specifically, I am sorry for not letting you be who you are – and with you that is simply an unworkable situation. Part of me was so connected to you that I tried to plug you into my life. Meeting you and the feelings that came with it were the first time I have felt that way since I was with Jacque. I was so excited, it felt so good and it was so natural – for me. I neglected to see that I was being sucked into trying to make us into something in my past that ultimately didn’t work then – why I expected it would with you I don’t know.

I am also sorry for not giving US the opportunity to find out what WE looked like. I mean you and I without regard to “supposed to’s” or “should be’s”. I’m sorry for being stubborn and pig headed. I am sorry for being all snarky all the time too. I pulled you in so tightly only to push you away when I felt the slightest resistance. Your Flobbels were my opportunity to have gained a clue that I needed to consider YOUR pace and I didn’t get it. Maybe that’s all we were supposed to be for each other – lessons – for me a lesson in how not to be so demanding and needy and then pissy at any resistance and for you – Im not sure what the was but I hope there was one that was worth your time with me.

Anyway, I just wanted to get some of that out. Thank you for reading it.


I am thinking that it would be best if I prepared a notice of withdrawal as your Agent of Record for your business. If we are not in touch I don’t feel right in that capacity. If you feel differently let me know. If you would like me to file an amendment naming your new agent (maybe S?) I would be pleased to do that for you too. Just let me know who to name. If you have not transferred ownership of your building into the name of the business yet – don’t forget to do so. I know there is the mortgage issue etc but I’m sure there is a way – there is always a way. I hope your tenants are working out.

I would also like to transfer bedfb’ to you. If you don’t want it I can just let it expire but If you have your web person send me a transfer request I will approve the transfer. If you prefer, I could set up a domain name account with enom for you if you don’t have one but the prices only ok. If you would like to keep the website I built you can have that too. Just let me know and I will copy it to disk or something. It is very simple and I’m sure could be recreated and most definitely improved upon – I would not be offended.  I guess I’m sorry for not hearing you on building that too. I guess I was just trying to help in my way. I know you don’t NEED any of this or me. If you would like it just let me know.

I have learned a lot C.   “Irregardless” of what the future holds, thank you.




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