This is going to be BAD.. Lawyer-kid guy

After not responding to his phone calls, texts or contact whatsoever, pictures of his daughter.. etc… I sent this text after receiving 3 text in a row and a phone call on the same day…

April 29

HIM: This feels like such nonsense. I’m home making tacos… Want some? No drama I promise…

HIM: Sorry… Ok… Trusting you. Bye C.

April 30

HIM:C Fix it. I know you have class on Wednesdays so if you are so inclined… Tonight is an option too. XoJ

HIM:  If you fix it… There is a wall in your future 🙂

HIM: Worked out… Having kiefer in my smoothie… You see… I do hear you and you do have an effect on me.


Stop! There is no fixing this. We’ve been broken up over a month! This is done. Move on. I wish you well. Good luck!

Phone call? IGNORE

Phone Call? IGNORE


HIM:Oh my god. Nice!! Really c. A text?

HIM:I wish you the best too. That hurt. Thanks


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