Italian Restaurant Owner Guy run in..

Weirdly, I have been trying to find Jack’s Coffee on 10th street ever since I walked by a few weeks before almost as an obsessive game. If I walk from East to West it’s there but from West to East.. I get confused and end up on the wrong street. Every Time! I was nearing stay’s end and destined to find it. Today’s the DAY!

Carefully I paid attention to my each and every turn and mistakenly passing Joe’s, again, which is a lovely spot on 12th and Gay. I’ve been there a bunch and the staff is as wonderfully bold as the coffee but today I wanted to find Jack’s.

Turning the corner on 6th Ave making my way North something seemed familiar. I found my way to 10th street, which is the street I began on in the first place, and right smack a few feet from the corner… JACK’s!!!

Disheveled from a challenging yoga class, sweaty walk and an extra added bonus of the pimple I so lovingly oozed til it bled,  I found my way inside and right smack in front of Italian Restaurant Guy. Today WAS the day, I guess. My heart stopped for a second realizing the mess I was standing in front of him. He looked up from his shared table “Hello”, he smiled. “Hello”, I replied and asked if he was feeling better, rested and as I stood at the counter to grab my coffee… My heart melted for a second. Was he standing to give me seat? I didn’t want that. I’d rather he was sitting in front of me…the showered beautiful me rather than the mangled, smelly after yoga me.

This all had to be a sign. Why else would the one day I actually found the coffee joint be the one day I see him again? Coincidence? Maybe but I think not… destiny? Perhaps…

He walked me to the corner making small talk and the he rode off on his bike dreading the truck he was renting in Brooklyn since he’s a self-proclaimed BAD driver!

Maybe our paths will cross again some time soon. He didn’t ask for my number or to stay in contact… Maybe I’m nuts! OR just optimistic? Time will certainly tell as life is as it is and not what you hope it will be? Oh, bullshit… I want what I want! And he’s dreamy to me 🙂