#11 Cousin-guy

About a month ago I was out with a high school friend that was here on business and a friend of his, which apparently I have met once before, though I have no recollection of this. My friend kinda ditched me/us for some girl’s tonsils so I was left with his friend, “Lips” (they are luscious!!)  So Lips and I danced the night away to Salsa, Merengue, Bossa Nova and whatever else he could dance me through  as every good partner needs an even better leader. I think this holds well in life, too. So “Lips” wanted to stay in touch and a week or so later asked me to meet him and his cousin at a rooftop bar.

I snuck my way  in with others that were walking through the highly gaurded ropes to avoid the line and up to the top floor I went in less than sexy than sexy attire, since I was dining alone that evening… I know.. not really an excuse. Anyway, his cousin was there and about to leave as I walked in. HANDSOME, nicely dressed and aggressive. I wasn’t there more than 10 minutes when he pulled me aside.. “so listen, I think you’re BEAUTIFUL and I’d love to take you out sometime. Do you have anything going on with my cousin or your friend, because I’d love to see you again” were whispered to me over the balcony as he whisked me into seclusion. “Nope, nothing going on with my friend  or your cousin. I’ve only been here 2 weeks”, was the answer, my number entered into his phone and off he went.

He sent a text about an hour later and that was all I heard for about 3 weeks. Out of the blue I received one asking to go out later in the week. We set a date and a few hours before I get a text that he’s beat, just coming back from Connecticut and could we do something later in the week. I reply, “sure, let’s” and that was that. Didn’t hear from him for another 2 weeks. We set up plans for the next night, him asking when I was free, me replying “after7, maybe 8?” so he asks to meet at 830. “OK”… I get a text at 8 saying he’s going to need more time as he was at a family thing all day (which is only 10 minutes from his place) and he’ll meet me or pick me up at 9. I say, “I have more time so tell me where we’re going and I’ll walk. I start walking to a place that is NOWHERE near me that he chose and now instead of 9 he’s moved it to 930/940.. Let me tell ya… if it was 10p? I was going home. BUT I didn’t have anything else going on so… I gave him the benefit of the doubt!

We meet at a Spanish Tapas Bar and he only wants 1 Sangria. I follow his lead… 1 turns into 3 and we’re in a cab with the conversation still flowing. He has told me that he’s fairly “new” out of a 3.5 year relationship, is almost 9 years younger than me and may be moving to LA soon. So the La part works… it’s now been over 3 hours and we’re on to our next local… time FLEW!! We make it to another bar and while he’s in the bathroom the bartender sneaks me a shot “quick before he gets back” he says.. so he returns and get are given 2 more shots along with our original beverage and we’ve closed that one down too!

We’re standing outside the Hotel Bar and he grabs me tight and kisses me. Again. Again… I cup my hands on the sides of his eyes as he’s searching for something outside of where we are. “Hey, what are you looking for or hiding from?” “Just looking for a cab”, he replies. “Well, then go and look OR kiss me but don’t do both”… and he grabs my hips and thrusts them into his 3-5 times, which was a bit weird and again with the staccato kissing. “Come hoe with me”, he said…”uh.. NOOO” I answer and we jump into a cab with him professing my beauty. I think the alcohol might be getting to him and for some reason.. not me. “You’re so beautiful. I mean it. I knew from the moment I saw you at the bar that I wanted to see you again” was said a few times that night. Very sweet and oh so wrong in the same moment.

He texted when he dropped me off telling me he wants to see me again and again the next day with the “I had a great tiem with you and know I will again, when we see each other next”. I like the “interest” he shows, don’t get me wrong… Just think he has a few things to work out and learn.. maybe even take some space. We’ll see if he pursues.


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