# 9 Artist-guy

He was about 30 minutes late and sweaty as all get out! Drippin’ beads of moisture and apologetic even after setting up the whole “date”. He’s an artist here in the city. A painter.

I’m literally watching him wipe a fountain of sweat from beneath his dark locks. The gap in his front teeth  gives him a boyish charm. He used to be a firefighter but 911 kicked that out of him. Apparently a failed marriage and “meds” have brought him to this point. The conversation turns slightly heavier than one would suggest for a first “meeting” but he seems to enjoy himself suggesting another bar after the sushi experience. Not the most open with experimentation  though with a bit of nudging a willingness peaks out. Rigid? Scared.

Off to the dive bar a few blocks away, I buy him a beer. He tells me he’s having a wonderful time with a look of surprise on his face making me smile inside with a calming giggle…

I think there’s too much here for me to have to dig through.. Gonna have to pass. Next!


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