me or her?

so confused by this one… spotted a cutie at the bar and my new “friend”,  “D”, which I met last week and was doing her best to be the “wing-woman”.. little does she know I don’t need one. Nonetheless, we were at her friend’s bar so she could get free drinks and see a guy that she has the hots for. While there on the UES, she asked the bar-tender-friend about the guy I noticed. “Single” he responded and I proceeded to occasionally gaze upon but not stare at.. said Wisconsin guy. He eventually came over to talk to us with some coaxing from the bartender and before I knew it.. I was taking a short walk with him to his favorite restaurant, Sealenatella Ristorante, so he could show me the sights and smells of fine dining. “Dive bars but a snob for dining”, is his prefernce and he used to live across the street. We were dodging a “friend” of his who was a real douche-bag by leaving the bar and then upon our return.. ditching a friend of “D’s we left the bar to go to another to also meet a potential “new guy” for her since she’s moving out from the apartment where her now-ex lives with her… long and complicated.

So we left in a bit of a hurry and forced to get each others numbers, thanks D.. Wisconsin and I exchanged. I didn’t think for a moment that he would actaully meet us downtown. About 30 minutes later and after we had cabbed it to and moved from our next destination… he texted, “the dope is here, sorry you missed that” and ” soooooooo”. I resoponded with “so bummed, we made it to Hurricane which was kinda cool but moved to he Ganesvort’s Bar. After a few text exchanges.. and a bit of tracking.. he was there though his eyes couldn’t be steered away from D and her “new guy” of the night, Brit-guy. I can’t tell if Wisconsin’s here for me or her? With every sip he stares shaking his head.. “she doesn’t know what she wants”. After a few minutes of finishing up the Cuvee and the Brits had gone along with the extra people we met on the way in to Hurricane, we were left alone.. D and her Brit, Wisconsin and myself with him staring at her the entire drink. Within a few moments the lights were on and we were on our way.. upstairs or out? I’m going home was out of all our mouths and we air-kissed goodnight and went out separate ways.

Wisconsin took off up town and the other 2 went down so I followed Wisconsin since we were both Uptown. We walked a couple blocks before he hailed a cab and we were whisked away in awkward silence, making very small talk? Maybe cause of the money he has with the “very nice car” and the all windowed encompassing river view apartment where the building actually went into the water (kinda cool and would love to see).. maybe he doesn’t think he needs to engage? or maybe not interested? or too tired though I doubt the last as he wasn’t too talkative  for the duration of our shared company. though something about him.. some aire maybe? a mystery? As we spoke in the taxi as he dropped me off before heading to bed, the talk of our 20’s and the differences between now and then shed a bit of light as my last text was not responded to.. he said.. “Ha went back to your place, ya see we never should have left blue room. but I say while you are here for a summer vaca you live like you are in your young 20’s”.  I then asked if he wanted to explore the city without D to let me know and then.. silence..

I thought my signals were clear even though he was trying to do a good job of hiding them.. He was into D all along.. OK, Wisconsin.. NEXT!!! Thank you for the escort home and the introduction to a restaurant I will rarely afford. 🙂


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