Date #2a – Revisited Straps

So.. after a brief email exchange as he still does not have my number nor has asked for it… He decided on our “fancy dinner” of Sushi, which was quite tasty and turned out to be less than 1 block from his place. Now I am staying all the way cross town and walked in the rain, mind you.. street flowing into my feet.. ew!! I was.. yes.. late but left with enough time if it weren’t for the rain stealing the shoes out from under me.. so my pace was slowed substantially. He texted me his number but for some reason my phone deleted it. I almost emailed him “forget it, nice meeting you, don’t think it’s gonna work out” AS I was walking there yet for some reason my.. I’m not sure..m my manners? got the best of me. I thought…OK, I’ll go, we’ll have dinner and I’ll go home. He met me outside, which was kind. He took the liberty of ordering sake and edammame, which was at the table as I arrived from washing the filth from them in the bathroom. his face wasn’t as flaky this time and he was dressed in a blue button down and jean/slacks. HE ordered the meal in it’s entirety and even ate most of it.. well, the things he enjoyed the most, of course. I only got 1 out of 5 shumai.. that’s not right! He again, didn’t seem interested in me in the slightest nor what I had to say and still didn’t look at me when he spoke, kind of a weird habit he has, I guess. Avoid eye contact!! No dessert as he wanted to get back to his place ON THE CORNER to “watch the end of the game”. I came up.. I’m still not sure why and we proceeded to watch the BB game with very little volume. He began stroking my leg and kissing me. Now THAT he looks at me for.. conversation? NO! Even though I know he has a small penis. And is controlling.. I had sex with him anyway. He got me all hot and bothered by doing.. not much. I think I did it to myself actually. I pulled me onto him on the couch and that’s a position I enjoy, all right! Some control of my own. Well, THAT didn’t last as he picked me up and hoisted me onto the bed. I thought… hey… what happened to ME on top. Well, that was put to rest even after I struggled to pull him down so I could hop on. “Wow, it’s got to be your way” I said. He answered “Ya, baby.” “I want to fuck YOU” I responded. “Ya, stop squirming.. in a minute.. get back here” was his. A few minutes of protected sex and he gave in but too off the condom. “Why’d you do that?” I asked. “Oh, baby. I want you to get me hard again, I’ll get another one” actually came out of his mouth. I looked at him like he was crazy, stroking his small member so I could get mine. A minute or so of that and we were in business. He let me have my way then we were back in the living room, on the couch.. well, my knees on the couch, ass up, face to the wall. He was nice enough to pull the couch out so i didn’t hit my head on the wall. I knew it wouldn’t be long as he kept thrusting into my bladder so my back rounded as to not pee on him which he of course didn’t like even though I my legs crossed so he could get friction on his puny pecker. He finished up, condom in the toilet and I was out of there within 3 minutes. “So, I gotta run which I know you’re ok with as we both have to be up early in the morning. Have fun on your trip and with your dad” were my last words as he said” I’ll talk to you when I get back and we’ll get together again, were his. With cab fare in hand I bolted. As I got to the end of the block a man high-fived me as he passed and asked me to go get a drink. He was obviously flirting and very drunk. His name was Jim and he was from Boston with 2 kids and a wife of 10 years. I’m sure if I had said “yes” he would’ve cheated right then and there but instead he walked me cross town and we shot the shit. I had a more interesting conversation with a drunk guy off the street than in 2 dates with Straps. Just goes to show… nothing like connection and conversation. And I kept the car fare for another day. Thanks to you. NEXT!!!


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