NY Lawyer guy clears the air..

Glad we cleared all that up. Nothing worse than miscommunication left unresolved. So, based on what we talked about last night I’ve withdrawn from taking the bar exam next week, given up my apartment, had the initials “CS” tatoo’ed on the back of my neck, and have purchased a one way ticket to LA. Please clear out the left side of your closet, the right side of your kitchen, the out side of your balcony and the bottom 4 drawers of your dresser (I have a lot of socks). Also, I’ve contacted my parents (yes, even the dead one) and told them to expect a June 2016 wedding somewhere either in Hakaido, Japan or Winslow, Arizona, (whichever is closer) and happily told them we expect to be pregnant both 6 months after and 13 months before the ceremony. It’s twins, by the way. A boy named Pablo Fandango and a girl named Cheddar Alfafa (I like to plan in advance).

See you tonight at 6 pm!! (Can you pick me up please? Terminal 3.  I’ll be wearing a hat).



July 22

You didn’t like my joke? BTW, I waited at the airport till 9:30 PM, then just took a cab…”
OH, I wish I liked him more but DJ-guy won me over….

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