NY Lawyer tying up the ends…


“Glad to hear you’re safe and sound. Now, to wrap things up, so no threads are left. First, it was great hanging out with you, from plays to cupcakes, from Thai to Italian. You’re as interesting as Rachel promised. Now, on to that of which is never spoken: I first contacted you after the cheese video because I thought you were cute, I liked the sound of your voice (weighs heavily with me) and R spoke of your awesomeness. I had fun (well, most of the time, anyway) with our email exchanges and hoped it would translate in person. (Why would I think anything could/would/should come of anything with someone who lives in California, in the first place? Well, because my life and future have no geographic boundaries and like I said once, I’m willing to go where I need to be. But back to the point, then). So, in any case, as said, I hoped we translated face to face. Well, it did on my end (as much as it could so briefly) enough to make me curious.  But obviously not on yours. Totally fine. No explanation needed. That’s how goes. Some days you’re the bug, some days you’re the windshield. Nevertheless, I wanted to tell you I appreciated you letting me know right away that it wasn’t meant to be because it 1) saved me the embarrassment of making an ass of myself later in the weekend and 2) made hanging out  all the more fun once I didn’t have to wonder. So, like I said…epilogue…well, actually, more like a new chapter really…. See you on the right page….”


oh…… DJ guy.. why did you and how did you win me over?? but alas… can’t stop thinking of you and wish I could think of ….. nope.. can’t!!


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