NY Lawyer guy..enroute

July 4


Happy Birthday!  July 4th. And you are, how old? America, I mean.  So, you never told me yours….plans, I mean. I laid out my ideas for this uncertain, yet interesting future. And yours? Are you an LA woman through and through, for now and forever?


My plan? Well… plan is a strange word in the vocab of an actress, would’t you say? My ENTIRE family is here… in the Valley (2 grandmothers, mom and dad – divorced)… If I could? I’d live in either Carpinteria or Colorado but alas.. the work is HERE for me. My thoughts are to stay here until I am successful enough to not have to live here anymore. As much as I love the weather and my friends/family… I was happiest when I was living away or am traveling away from here. It might just be the notion of taking more vacations and time away as LA, even though I’m born and bred.. has a funny way with people. I would prefer to raise my kids (when that happens) in a “different environment”, can’t say more family as much as small town feel, I guess. LA changes people, whether we like it or not, it does.. My stress level goes down after a few days away. So, no real plan.. somewhere warm and dry, maybe even with seasons other than summer and spring but then again… the mountains are so close and a home there is inevitable, even if it’s just a rental.

The future is as the future does… mamma always said.
Sounds like the work is THERE for you.

july 6


was it good for you? The weekend, SD, the fireworks…., I mean.


It was Ah maZ ‘ng!!

Everything seemed to work out.. listening to the LAtin Jazz at the Museum with a gang of friends on Saturday styled with an eclectic picnic and sangria. Then to the gloomy, yet tepid weather to explore the HUGE terrain of the zoo to the front row seat for the fireworks on the bay where 3 simultaneous exhibitions were rapidly blasting while the one directly in front of us was delayed giving us our own private finale. Incredible! They had new fireworks with smiley faces and stars. I LOVE ’em!!
couldn’t have asked for a better 4th weekend!
You? How does Sam handle the explosions?


134 degrees here today.


I stand correct. Sam melted. I miss her. I scooped up what I could, but it was messy…


Are you looking forward to your friend’s show? Is there anything super New Yorky you were hoping to do? Food? Crime?


Fear not. It’s supposed to drop out of the hundreds by tomorrow so your hair is safe. It’s looking less and less like I’ll be able to make Friday night, sad to say. And you’re staying in the Bronx that night, yes? But you staying in the UES saturday night, still, right? If it’s not too weird…Saturday night? Maybe a movie, then something to eat, or the other way around? Of course, at SOME point, you’re going to have to be okay with me calling you 🙂


this makes me more excited to see what’s gonna happen to my hair. mmmmmmm…..

quick, find a movie theater or library!!!
You’ll be lucky if ur head doesn’t burst into flames.
As soon as the news refers to the temperature in Kelvin, I’m going to kill myself.


So this makes us even, huh?


Or not… I called you yesterday. But because I know you don’t want me to, I instead called a random number and then just called him Camden for 9 minutes. We had a good talk and even a few laughs. See? It wasn’t so bad.


Saturday, Sunday… all’s good. I have plans to have some plans with you as, YES, I’ll be on the UES on Sat, Sun, Mon…not sure about Tuesday, yet. I pick up the keys at noon Saturday. I can see many other people if you don’t have time as I’ll be spreading myself thin during the daylight hours, I guess. Still haven’t planned anything yet…going flowin’. And if you need Sam help.. I’m around, to scoop her off the pavement.

Glad to hear that my hair will be safe. phew!!
Open to phone calls when I’m in NYC, thanks for playing my fun little game, I appreciate it.
What exciting trial/bar prep shenanigans are in the works for today?


tomorrow? What time? Do you like flying? I bet you do. Or don’t. I don’t actually know you, so how would I know? It’s been a really busy week. Really. Busy. The Sahara-style heat plus oceanic humidity have made it exhausting. Also, you’re welcome. This is in response to “playing your little [email] game”. But confession nevertheless? I like email, sometimes, for certain things. But I’ve never really loved talking to people in blurbs and bites (or bytes) or sketch quips. Don’t get me started about Twitter. really. Why is ANYONE twittering details about their personal lives, like “Just wanted everyone to know – I have cancer. OMG!”…

Anyway, so you’ll be here tomorrow. And we’re on for Saturday night. Guess that’s all there is to say about that :-)… Until there’s more to say. Wanna’ call me when you land? Text instead (please see twitter reference above)? Should I just call you Saturday? Will you be patrolling NYC later after your show with your friend? Probably. Suppose we’ll just wait till Saturday, then, yes? Camden? Hello? Camden? I’m sorry — have I got the right number…brain…soup…must…stop…



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