Laid back NY – guy

I choose the place and the time since he says he’s new to the area. I guess I wanted a bit of effort made? so what you’re new, do a little research, make a little effort and step up! He apologizes for his lax attitude and claims he will take the reigns when we are in front of each other but this did not happen. He didn’t look at me most of the time when he spoke to me rather off in the distance, (this reminded me of Straps, eek but not as severe. Someone said that could have been from nerves… maybe? Neither of us were feeling 100% so I chalked it up to that, I guess? After our brunch I suggested a stroll around the area to show him the sights; the Grove, Farmer’s Market, etc. He was down with it but really had no push to put forth extra effort. I was attracted but unimpressed. I gave him number anyway to see if he would put forth the effort to get it together to ask me out for a second date.

He’s in between jobs, homes, cars.. in transit in just about every part of his life at the moment. That might just work for me for the moment.


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