Date #6? App-guy and the MDI…

Last night I had no tongues thrust into my mouth. I didn’t even know that that would put someone in the forefront but with such low standards, I guess, that makes a big impression? We met at 67th and CPW and with basket in one arm and 2 bottles of wine in the other, he greeted me with a huge smile. His face was long, very long and his brow sweaty. We walked to a clearing nestled between trees overlooking a lake with row boats strewn about. He’s from the Bay area and came out here for college and just stayed.  We sipped white wine, ate hummus, mozzarella and some of the best chocolate soft cookies I had in a very long time. On the double blanket he brought as to keep us dry from any impeding moisture coming from beneath, we were captivated by a men’s group gathering a few trees over. Encircled they chanted.. “I am a fucking jerk! I am a fucking jerk!” over and over after an almost spoken word poetry jam with mostly 30’s white men. Is it a cult? A men’s empowerment group? Standing around a single candle burning in silent prayer? Bowing to their God? The “producer” and I are fascinated by their vigor! Is there a second chapter that has come to join or are they in hopes of being recognized? We talked about theater, well he talked about theater and his adventures in producing. He has developed an App for women and is working on getting it out to the public so women can use it to find out their “color chart”. After he gives them out for free there will be a version that can be purchased so women can put in their specifics and find out what colors are best for them and then what stores are carrying those colors at the moment. Seems pretty cool. His mind works in both arts and sciences. So… “App-guy” and I pack it in after dark as the inquisition was growing. Quickly the blankets were folded and trash gathered up as the “man-cult” appeared to be coming to an end and we had to find out what was going on. We skulked toward the group as to not interrupt their flow. Quietly we lurched over until there was a break in the pack. I sidestepped politely over to them and complimented their intention. “You seem to be doing a good thing here” I smiled.  “I’m not sure what you are doing exactly but it seems it’s for the greater good, I continued. “ The App-guy, waiting a few steps back until the coast was clear. One of the 2 said few words and abruptly returned to the group as if we had intruded on his secret, the other stayed back to acknowledge us and the work that his group are doing here once a month with regular  weekly meetings or smaller more concentrated gatherings. “Men empowerment groups, for all I know it might be a cult”, I chuckled, “but you seems to be producing some great results”. The guy agreed and said that Producer-guy might want to look into it. He gave us a website.. and we were on our way still awe-struck by the thought. Well, it makes sense I guess, that women are more likely joining other women to empower themselves or to find play-dates, relationship advice, group therapy, etc.. so I’m proud that there are groups out there for men. Well, proud might not be the correct word but fulfillediness was the feeling. Glad to know that there are groups out there for men and that some are even taking advantage of them. Producer-guy was more mocking than impressed but he’s a guy, right? He walked me to the bathroom a few blocks away after I turned down his offer to use his since we were only a few feet away. We ended the night with a phone number exchange and a hug. No tongue thrust in my mouth makes him the front runner for sure. Strange that my standards are skewed here in the city. He called today to thank me for last night and that he wants to go out again. Definitely worth a second encounter.


One response to “Date #6? App-guy and the MDI…

  1. Hm… Interesting. My marriage counselor who works for Kaiser has referred me to this organization (down in LA area), so I’m looking this place up. She said these men’s groups really helped many of her male patients. I’m feeling hesitant though because it seems some things they do seem a little strange.

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